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ERAS Document Submission At-a-Glance

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There are different methods for submitting supporting documents, depending on the document type. See below for specific information on ECFMG’s OASIS, EMSWP ERAS, MyECFMG mobile app, and the AAMC’s Letter of Recommendation Portal (LoRP). View Submission At-a-Glance for an overview of all ERAS documents.

As your designated Dean’s office, ERAS Support Services at ECFMG will evaluate each uploaded document to ensure clarity of image and to verify that each document has been uploaded to the slot designated for that document type. Document types that are not part of the ERAS application—diplomas, foreign language documents, curriculum vitae, etc.—should not be uploaded. ECFMG will not transmit these documents to your ERAS application.


ECFMG’s On-line Applicant Status and Information System (OASIS) allows ERAS applicants to submit several document types in support of their residency application, including Medical Student Performance Evaluations (MSPEs), medical school transcripts, photographs, and Postgraduate Training Authorization Letters (PTALs) or “California Letters.”

Documents submitted via OASIS will take up to five business days to process. ERAS Support Services at ECFMG will contact you within five business days, via the MyERAS message center, about any discrepancies found during the quality control process.

Steps for Submitting Documents Using OASIS
  1. Make sure the document is a “clean” document to ensure that a clear image will be presented to the programs to which you apply. Documents should be legible and not on a busy background.
  2. Scan all pages of the document into one file.
  3. Make sure that the file follows the technical specifications (document dimensions, file type and file size) for the document type you are uploading. The specifications can be found on the Upload page for the document in OASIS.
  4. When you save the document, make sure you name it something you recognize e.g. surname_MSPE.PDF.
  5. Log in to OASIS. Click on ERAS Support Services, and select the appropriate upload category from the list on the toolbar. *Please note, students/graduates of medical schools that participate in the ECFMG Medical School Web Portal (EMSWP) ERAS program, cannot upload MSPEs or medical school transcripts using OASIS. Please contact your medical school to have these documents uploaded via EMSWP ERAS on your behalf.
  6. Carefully read the instructions and notices for the document type.
  7. Click the Browse button to select the document file from your computer. Be sure to upload the complete document as one file. Do not upload each page of the document separately.
  8. Click Upload File.
  9. Repeat these steps for each document type.

If your document is rejected, you will need to submit a new file that meets the technical specifications. Do not e-mail your documents to ERAS Support Services at ECFMG. We are unable to modify files for applicants.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Submission of any falsified or altered document to ECFMG is an example of irregular behavior. A determination by ECFMG that an individual engaged in irregular behavior may be sufficient cause to bar an individual from ECFMG Certification, revoke an ECFMG Certificate, or take other appropriate action. ECFMG will send notice of a determination of irregular behavior to residency program directors, among others. See ECFMG Policies and Procedures Regarding Irregular Behavior.


Students/graduates of medical schools that participate in the ECFMG Medical School Web Portal (EMSWP) ERAS program cannot upload MSPEs or medical school transcripts using OASIS. Please contact your medical school to have these documents uploaded via EMSWP ERAS on your behalf. To find out if your medical school participates in EMSWP ERAS, you can use the MyECFMG mobile app or contact the Dean’s office of your medical school.

Documents uploaded through EMSWP ERAS typically take two business days to process to the ERAS application.

  AAMC’s Letter of Recommendation Portal (LoRP)

LoRs can be submitted through the AAMC’s Letter of Recommendation Portal (LoRP). If you have waived your right to view an LoR, your letter writer must upload the letter on your behalf. If you have not waived your right to view an LoR, you are permitted to upload a copy through the AAMC’s LoRP by logging in using your AAMC account. Programs are able to view who has uploaded the document. For tips on uploading your LoRs, please see the Letter Writer Assistance page of the ECFMG website.

  MyECFMG mobile app

The MyECFMG mobile app allows applicants to view information about their ERAS application and supporting documentation, and to upload a photograph.

Log in to MyECFMG and click on the link for ERAS Support Services. From the ERAS Support Services screen, select Upload Photograph. Click the Browse button to select the photograph file from your device, then click Upload to upload the photograph.

You will receive confirmation of acceptance if the system uploads your digital photograph successfully.

If your photograph is rejected, you will need to resubmit it.

To make your photograph available to programs, you must assign it on the Additional Documents tab of MyERAS.

Photographs submitted via MyECFMG will take one to two business days to process.

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Important Dates:

September 6: At 9:00 a.m. on September 6, you can start using the MyERAS website to transmit your MyERAS application, supporting documents, and Personal Statement(s) to residency programs. Programs will not have access to applications until September 15 at 9 a.m. All applications submitted September 6 through September 15 will appear to programs as being submitted on September 15.

September 15: Registration for the National Resident Matching Program® (NRMP®), or “the Match,” opens at 12:00 p.m. on the NRMP website. Register now!

September 22: ERAS Support Services strongly recommends that MSPEs arrive at ECFMG no later than September 22 if submitted electronically through OASIS. This timeline does not apply to international medical schools that are electronically submitting your MSPE through the EMSWP ERAS program. There is a 1-2 business day turn-around time for MSPEs received through EMSWP ERAS.

All times shown are Eastern Time in the United States.

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Supporting documents may take up to five business days to process once submitted.

Monitor the AAMC’s MyERAS website to track the status of your ERAS application and documents.

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