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Electronic Portfolio of International Credentials (EPICSM)

An Innovation for Physicians Building a Career Portfolio

By choosing a career in medicine, you have chosen to assume a role in the care and well-being of others. Throughout your career—for example as a medical student, physician-in-training, practicing clinician, researcher, or teacher—you will be called upon to demonstrate that you are qualified to meet this responsibility.

An essential component of demonstrating your qualifications is establishing the authenticity of your credentials, including your medical school diploma, medical school transcripts, postgraduate medical education credentials, and certificates of medical registration/licensure.

By choosing EPIC, you can:

  • Build a Portfolio of Your Credentials. EPIC enables you to establish an account and start having credentials verified at any point in your medical career—even while you are still a student. As you receive credentials, simply upload them to EPIC and ECFMG will primary-source verify them. This way, you can have your credentials verified and available as soon as you need them.
  • Back Your Credentials with World-class Verification. ECFMG is a world expert on physician credentials related to medical education, training, and medical registration/licensure. Through more than 35 years of primary-source verification, ECFMG has developed a rigorous, multi-step verification process that is second-to-none. When you choose ECFMG to verify your credentials, you’re choosing the best.
  • Enjoy the Convenience, Efficiency, and Security of Web-based Services. With EPIC, your credentials are as mobile as you are. EPIC’s innovative, web-based process allows you to store your verified credentials in one secure, centralized location and access them from anywhere in the world. Demonstrating the authenticity of your credentials has never been this simple—with just a few clicks you can request verifications for any organization involved in evaluating your qualifications. And, because you’re using EPIC, these organizations will have the confidence that they are receiving your credentials and verifications directly from ECFMG.

Ready to establish an EPIC Account? View Getting Started with EPIC!

Pursuing ECFMG Certification and registering for the United States Medical Licensing Examination® (USMLE®)?

If you are pursuing ECFMG Certification and applying for USMLE, you are not required to use EPIC. You will provide your medical education credentials to ECFMG for verification through the ECFMG Certification program.

You are welcome to use EPIC to build a portfolio of your medical credentials, if desired, at any time. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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