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How to Take Advantage of Primary-source Verification through EPIC Services

ECFMG’s on-line verification service offers you the confidence of knowing that your applicants’ credentials are authentic, at no cost to your organization, through primary-source verification, a best practice for fraud prevention.

Establish a Report Portal Account Today

To establish an EPIC Report Portal Account, e-mail or call +1 (215) 966-3900, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Eastern Time in the United States.

Make EPIC Part of Your Process

Take the first step—require your physician applicants to have their credentials verified through EPIC.

To use EPIC Services, your applicants will:

  • Create an account and confirm their identity
  • Upload their credentials for verification
  • Request reports on their verified credentials for your organization

ECFMG will verify the authenticity of credentials with the institution that issued them, and provide the verification reports to you, as requested by the applicant.

For information on the fees physicians pay for using EPIC, see EPIC Fees.


ECFMG primary-source verifies credentials related to a physician’s medical education and licensure:

  • Primary medical qualifications (i.e., diplomas and transcripts)
  • Postgraduate medical qualifications
  • License/registration to practice medicine

For a complete list of credential types and definitions, please visit the Medical Credentials section of the Using EPIC page.

Access EPIC Reports

All reports are provided to your organization through our secure, web-based EPIC Report Portal. EPIC Reports are valid only if obtained through the portal, assuring that credentials and verifications are provided directly from ECFMG.

By establishing a free EPIC Report Portal Account with ECFMG, your organization can:

  • Authorize any number of users
  • Obtain EPIC Reports on verified credentials, including a copy of each credential and a copy of the verification form completed by the verifying institution
  • View, sort, print, download, and archive reports sent to your organization
  • Access reports for a full year
  • Choose to receive notification when a credential has been sent for verification, so you know where a physician is in the primary-source verification process.

One-time Use Portal Option

For your convenience, if you choose not to establish an EPIC Report Portal Account, you can access your reports through a one-time-use version of the EPIC Report Portal. Instructions are provided by e-mail for one-click access to the report, which will be available for 60 days. Reports can also be printed or downloaded.

Review EPIC Reports

You will receive an EPIC Report, as requested by the physician, for each credential the physician has asked to be verified.

EPIC Reports include:

  • Name, date of birth, and gender in the physician’s EPIC record
  • Physician’s EPIC ID
  • Physician’s name as it appears on the credential
  • Photo of the physician
  • Date the report was issued
  • Type of credential verified
  • Name and location of the institution that issued the credential
  • Your organization’s information

EPIC Reports are accompanied by:

  • A copy of the credential
  • An English translation of the credential provided by the physician (if the credential is not in English)
  • A copy of the verification form completed by the verifying institution (if you have an EPIC Report Portal Account; reports obtained through the one-time use portal do not include this form)

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