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Information for Existing Entity Users

This page is intended for individuals from various organizations that interact with Intealth and its divisions for the services listed above. These organizations, or “entities,” as they are known in MyIntealth, include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical schools
  • Medical regulatory authorities
  • U.S. graduate medical education (GME) programs
  • U.S. state licensing authorities
  • Credential verification organizations (CVOs)
  • Hospitals and health systems

The most important changes that these existing entity users will encounter when using MyIntealth are summarized below. This information for each service may include dates for completing in-progress applications/requests, how to access services, how to process changes, and ID numbers.

This page also highlights changes affecting applicants to our services (medical students and physicians) that may be of interest to entity users. More detailed information for existing applicants is available on this website.

Please review the information for each service below, check back frequently, and follow us on the social media channels below for updates as they become available.

General Information for Existing Entity Users

Delayed Processing Times

Users should expect delays in processing for all services during the transition to MyIntealth, both before and after launch. We appreciate the patience and cooperation of all users during the transition.

Process Changes

There will be changes to some of our processes. Some of these changes are highlighted below by service.

Due to these changes, some in-progress applications/requests from applicants cannot be transferred to MyIntealth. Please see Dates for Completing Certain In-Progress Applications/Requests on the Information for Existing Applicants web page for available information.

Using MyIntealth

Entity users:

  • Will use MyIntealth to access most services. MyIntealth will replace most of our web-based applications and many of our paper-based forms.
  • Will use their e-mail address as their user ID. Users cannot share an e-mail address with another MyIntealth user. They also will be required to create a password. The user ID and password will be used to access all services in the MyIntealth environment.
  • Should use the Google Chrome browser to access MyIntealth for the best experience.

MyIntealth Account

If an entity user already has used any of our services, we will transfer the user’s existing account information to MyIntealth prior to launch, including merging multiple accounts into a single new account. Once MyIntealth launches, we will send an e-mail invitation with instructions for logging into the MyIntealth account.

MyIntealth ID

Applicants to our services (medical students and physicians) will be assigned a MyIntealth ID, and their MyIntealth ID will appear on certain MyIntealth screens, reports, and other documents. In addition to the MyIntealth ID, MyIntealth will continue to support applicant ID numbers used by certain other organizations. Please see the information on Other ID Numbers by service on the Information for Existing Applicants web page.

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ECFMG Certification

For entity users who are involved in or rely on the ECFMG Certification process.

More Information

Dates for Completing In-Progress Applications/Requests

Pending Requests for Status Verification for USMLE Exams

  • Paper requests. Medical schools that verify student/graduate status via a paper-based method must ensure that we receive Form 183 by December 31, 2023.
  • Electronic requests. Medical schools that verify student/graduate status electronically must complete the verification request via the ECFMG Medical School Web Portal (EMSWP) Status Verification. Medical schools are strongly encouraged to complete any pending Status Verification requests as soon as possible. Status Verification requests for graduates must be received by ECFMG prior to the Pause in Services.
  • For both paper and electronic requests, if status for a graduate is not verified in time, the exam application will be rejected. In this case, the graduate can apply for examination only after all medical education credentials are verified and accepted. See Process Changes below.

Process Changes

  • Verification of Medical Education Credentials for ECFMG Certification. Currently, applicants provide their medical education credentials at the time of exam application and can apply for and be registered for examination while their credentials are being verified, provided that their medical school verifies their student or graduate status. In MyIntealth, applicants will provide their medical education credentials before they apply for examination and can apply for examination only after their medical school has verified their credentials and ECFMG has accepted the verification. Please see Information for Existing Applicants for more information.
  • Status Verification for USMLE Exams. Verification of graduate status no longer will be required at the time of exam application. Because a graduate’s medical education credentials will be verified and accepted by ECFMG before the graduate can apply for examination, there is no need for subsequent verification.
  • Medical Education Form (Form 327-A). We will request completion of Form 327-A after a graduate is ECFMG-certified, instead of when we request verification of medical education credentials.

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The ECFMG Certificate

For entity users who rely on ECFMG Certification to determine the eligibility of IMGs for entry into U.S. GME, licensure, and employment.

More Information

  • Expiration of ECFMG Certificate. ECFMG Certificates issued to applicants who satisfy the clinical and communication skills requirements for ECFMG Certification through a Pathway are subject to expiration. The expiration date, the date through which the certificate remains valid for entry into an accredited U.S. GME program, is listed on the certificate. Once MyIntealth launches, the expiration date listed on the certificate will be based on the Pathways application season during which the applicant completed the Pathway. Please see Information on Expiration of ECFMG Certificate.
  • Other ID Numbers: Certificate Number. The ID Number listed on the ECFMG Certificate will be the applicant’s MyIntealth ID, instead of the Certificate Number (which currently consists of the applicant’s USMLE ID).

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ECFMG Medical School Web Portal (EMSWP)

For medical school officials whose students and graduates are pursuing ECFMG Certification and U.S. GME, and who verify for ECFMG the authenticity of the medical education credentials the school issues to its students and graduates.

More Information

How to Access Services

MyIntealth will replace EMSWP and will provide access to the following services:

  • Status Verification
  • Credentials Verification
  • ERAS Supporting Document Upload
  • Performance Data

The following changes will apply to Status Verification:

  • The name of Status Verification will change to Enrollment Verification.
  • When a medical school verifies a student’s status, that verification will pertain to all of the student’s pending exam applications.
  • Due to the process change described above, verification of graduate status will no longer be requested.

Individuals designated as Coordinators by their medical schools will be able to perform certain transactions in MyIntealth, such as adding and deactivating other users, instead of submitting requests for these changes.

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Pathways Clinical Skills Evaluation and Attestation Portal

For medical school officials completing Clinical Skills Attestations for their students and graduates who have applied to Pathway 3, 4, or 5.

More Information

The Clinical Skills Evaluation and Attestation Portal will be incorporated into, not replaced by, MyIntealth. It will function much as it does currently. Users will access the Clinical Skills Evaluation and Attestation Portal using the same user ID and password they use to access the MyIntealth Entity Portal.

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J-Visa Sponsorship

For staff of U.S. GME programs that host J-1 physicians.

More Information

Dates for Completing In-Progress Applications/Requests

  • We have asked Training Program Liaisons (TPLs) at U.S. GME programs to wait until after the launch of MyIntealth to submit sponsorship applications for the 2024-2025 academic year.
  • Applications for continuation of sponsorship to sit for an American Board of Medical Specialties Member Board examination should be submitted after the launch of MyIntealth.
  • We will continue to process other requests/uploads, such as requests for a duplicate Form DS-2019, through 6:00 p.m. on January 4, 2024. We will process requests/uploads received after this date in MyIntealth, if possible, but these items may need to be resubmitted.

How to Access Services

MyIntealth will replace the Exchange Visitor Network (EVNet). TPLs will use the MyIntealth Entity Portal to manage the various aspects of J-1 visa sponsorship for their J-1 trainees.

Process Changes

There will be a minimum required set of documents that must be provided before an application for initial sponsorship or continuation of sponsorship can be submitted. The required documents will vary by application type. Currently, applications for sponsorship can be submitted without any documents.

Specific document deficiency information will be available in MyIntealth and will no longer be sent by e-mail.

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CVS Online

For all users who need to confirm the ECFMG certification status of IMGs.

More Information

How to Access Services

MyIntealth will replace CVS Online, and users will access our Certification Verification Service (CVS) via the MyIntealth Entity Portal.

Process Change

CVS Verify, which enables users who request paper CVS reports to verify their authenticity, will be discontinued.

Other ID Numbers: Certificate Number

ECFMG Certificates issued after the launch of MyIntealth will include the IMG’s MyIntealth ID rather than their Certificate Number (which currently consists of the applicant’s USMLE ID).

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Electronic Portfolio of International Credentials (EPIC)

For medical regulatory authorities and others who need to verify the authenticity of physician credentials as part of their evaluation process.

More Information

How to Access Services

MyIntealth will replace the EPIC Report Portal. Users will access EPIC reports via MyIntealth.

Process Changes

The Certificate of Good Standing (CGS) will be an additional credential category that can be submitted to and verified by EPIC.

Other ID Numbers: EPIC ID

The MyIntealth ID will replace the EPIC ID as the primary means of identifying applicants across our services. EPIC IDs will no longer be issued. For applicants who had an EPIC ID issued before the launch of MyIntealth, it will continue to be associated with their MyIntealth account and will appear on EPIC reports.

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The preceding information is subject to change. Please check back frequently for updates.

[Last update: December 19, 2023]

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