ECFMG’s Electronic Portfolio of International Credentials (EPIC) Welcomes Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital

ECFMG is pleased to announce its partnership with Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital, InterHealth Canada (TCI Hospital) to incorporate ECFMG’s Electronic Portfolio of International Credentials (EPICSM) into TCI Hospital’s process for assessing the medical credentials of physicians seeking employment at the health care facility.

TCI Hospital is a Diamond-accredited public hospital managed by InterHealth Canada TCI Ltd on behalf of the Turks and Caicos Islands Government through a Public-Private Partnership agreement. The Hospital deemed its partnership with ECFMG to be necessary for the continued improvement of the health care facility’s recruitment process. ECFMG is proud to partner with TCI Hospital to enhance its recruitment process by adding primary-source verification—a best practice and the best protection against fraudulent credentials—to the Hospital’s tools for evaluating the qualifications of its physician applicants.

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