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Methods of Payment

Looking for information on EPIC fees and payment? See Fees on the EPIC website.

If you submit an application or request a service on-line, you can pay on-line at the time of application/request by:

You can also pay in advance using one of the payment methods described above by accessing OASIS on the ECFMG website, or using the MyECFMG mobile app.

You can also send payment in advance to ECFMG using Payment for Service(s) Requested (Form 900), available in the Resources section of this website. If you submit payment using Form 900, you can pay by:

Do not submit Form 900 to ECFMG by e-mail. The form must be submitted by mail/courier or fax (see form for details). If you pay in advance, you should verify that the payment has been received and credited to your ECFMG financial account before you begin the application or request process. You can verify the status of your ECFMG financial account on-line using OASIS or the MyECFMG mobile app.

Important Note: If you need to make multiple credit card transactions to pay for an application/request, you must make these payments to your ECFMG financial account in advance using OASIS, the MyECFMG mobile app, or by submitting multiple copies of Form 900.

Do not send payments in cash.

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