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A Message about MyIntealth from Our Chief Transformation Officer

On behalf of Intealth, I am writing to say we are sorry. We are hearing your voices and the frustration many of you are feeling throughout this extended pause in our services. We are working around the clock to launch MyIntealth, and today, I want to give you an update on where things stand.

Following the transfer of an enormous amount of data from multiple, former systems to MyIntealth, we experienced challenges in consolidating the data into individual accounts in MyIntealth. I want to assure you that the extended pause in services is a result of these additional challenges. There is no loss of data. Your data is safe and secure.

Currently, we are working diligently to verify all consolidated data. This verification process is critically important and involves review of all of the data across our programs.

Today, all customer service centers reopened for general inquiries and to begin gathering information about the challenges you are experiencing. We recognize that you have time-sensitive concerns, and we want to be able to address them as soon as possible after MyIntealth launches.

We are eager to provide you with full support and services soon.

Robert Bartelt
Sr. Vice President & Chief Transformation Officer

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