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Update: Intealth’s Recognized Accreditation Policy To Be Implemented in Late 2024

Intealth will implement its Recognized Accreditation Policy in late 2024. This policy was introduced in 2010 by ECFMG, now a division of Intealth, and later known as “2023 Accreditation.” While the policy has evolved over time, Intealth’s commitment to fostering global accreditation efforts and to promoting harmonized standards for evaluating undergraduate medical education worldwide remains constant.

When implementation begins late next year, it will consist of reporting which medical schools meet the requirements of the policy, as described below. It will not impact an individual’s eligibility for ECFMG Certification.

What Will Change:

If a medical school meets the requirements of the Recognized Accreditation Policy, a notation will be added to the:

  • School’s listing in the World Directory of Medical Schools .
  • ECFMG Status Reports for students and graduates of that school who apply to U.S. graduate medical education programs through the Electronic Residency Application Service® (ERAS®) and similar application services.

What Will Not Change:

Implementation in late 2024 will not affect:

  • An individual’s eligibility for ECFMG Certification. International medical students and graduates (IMGs) can continue to apply for and pursue ECFMG Certification, even if their medical school currently does not meet the requirements of the policy.
  • Medical school eligibility for an ECFMG Sponsor Note.
  • Users of other ECFMG services, such as EPIC.

Detailed information on the Recognized Accreditation Policy is available at Please monitor this page for the latest information on the policy. Intealth is committed to keeping all stakeholders informed as we move forward with the Recognized Accreditation Policy. Specific questions regarding the policy may be sent to

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