Exchange Visitor Sponsorship Program (EVSP)

J-1 Visa Sponsorship Applications

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Application and Supporting Documentation Instructions

The application process requires completion of each of the following steps in the order listed below:

  1. TPL submits an on-line appointment profile through EVNet.
  2. For each applicant, TPL uploads the necessary supporting documents through EVNet.
  3. Through OASIS, applicant accepts on-line appointment profile, pays the administrative/application fee, completes the electronic application, and uploads any required supporting documentation not uploaded by the TPL.

NOTE: Supporting documents uploaded through EVNet or OASIS must be in Portable Document Format (PDF), and files must be uploaded one at a time. Faxed documentation is also accepted, although upload of all supporting documentation through EVNet and/or OASIS is preferred.

In EVNet, TPLs are able to see a list of documents that have been uploaded to each individual applicant record. The list will include the document upload date, document type, and the name of the TPL who performed the upload. Documents uploaded by the applicant through OASIS will also appear in this list.

In OASIS, applicants are able to view the list of supporting documents uploaded by the TPL in support of their application and can upload any additional documentation required to complete the application.

NOTE: Documents uploaded through EVNet or OASIS should not be faxed or mailed to ECFMG.

ECFMG will communicate directly with the TPL regarding any application deficiency and/or requests for additional documentation. Applicants and/or TPLs are advised to retain copies of all documentation submitted to ECFMG.

Once sponsorship is approved, the original Form DS-2019 is mailed to the TPL via United States Postal Service, first class mail* for distribution to the J-1 physician or research scholar. (*If courier service is preferred, the TPL must provide ECFMG with a pre-paid/pre-addressed airbill including billing account number along with supporting documents for the sponsorship application.)

Upon receipt of an on-line sponsorship application and supporting documentation, EVSP reserves the following timeframes for review and processing:

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