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About IAN

The IMG Advisors Network (IAN) is a free service of the ECFMG Certificate Holders Office (ECHO). IAN allows qualifying IMGs who plan to come to the United States to connect with advisors who can answer questions about applying to U.S. GME and living and working in the United States. To use this service to obtain advice, you must meet the qualifications of advisees. There are also qualifications for advisors, which include being in or having completed an ACGME-accredited training program in the United States.

IAN Advisors serve on a volunteer basis. The IAN database lists available advisors by name, medical specialty, U.S. GME institution, location in the United States, country of medical education, medical school, and other demographics and types of advice advisors are comfortable providing (application and/or acculturation). IMGs using this service will be able to select an advisor based on these criteria. Once an advisor has been selected, the e-mail address of the IMG seeking advice will be provided to the advisor, who can then begin communicating directly with the advisee. ECFMG is continuously recruiting IMGs to serve as advisors; refer to Information for IAN Advisors.

The communications between advisors and advisees are direct, rather than through ECFMG. However, there is an option to copy ECFMG on any particular e-mail, if the advisor or advisee chooses to do so. The purpose for this is simply to allow ECFMG staff to see what kinds of issues are being raised and to use that information to expand its resources for IMGs. If you choose not to copy ECFMG, correspondence between advisor and advisee will not be visible to ECFMG.

Nature of Advice
Applicants participating as advisees in the IAN program may access information and advice from IAN advisors in areas such as:.

Applying to U.S. GME Positions

Obtaining a Visa for U.S. GME

Beyond Entry into U.S. GME

Daily Living Issues
Perhaps the most unique and personalized information and advice that IAN Advisors provide relate to beginning U.S. GME programs and living and working in the United States. These issues typically have included:

IAN advisors are not authorized to provide advice on the following topics:

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