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Information for IAN Advisors

To increase the number of advisors in the IAN database, we are actively seeking IMG physicians who have the qualifications below and would be willing to serve as advisors to IMGs who plan to enter U.S. training programs.

IMGs contribute significantly to the U.S. health care system by providing critical services for the U.S. patient population. By sharing your experience and advice with incoming IMGs, you will ease their transition into U.S. medicine and culture, ensuring that they continue to make such contributions, perhaps more efficiently, more quickly, and less painfully than you and your IMG colleagues did. Thank you for being a part of this effort!

Qualifications of Advisors
To participate in IAN as an advisor, you must:

Most IAN Advisors report that they have had two to three advisees over the course of a year and exchanged only a few e-mails, so the advisor role has not placed excessive demand on advisors’ time. If you choose to participate in IAN, it is not possible for us to estimate how many advisees you might receive inquiries from, how often you and your advisees might correspond, or how much time the advisor role may take on an ongoing basis. However, you are able to limit the number of advisees you accept and have the option of declining to serve as an advisor for an individual advisee. Additionally, you may have your name removed from the IAN database at any time.

Since advisees may seek information and advice on a wide range of topics, and since some advisors may be comfortable advising in some areas but not others, your IAN profile allows you to indicate your willingness to advise in the two broad areas of:

Advisees are instructed to only request advisors who indicate they are willing to advise in the areas in which they intend to seek information.

Eligibility of Advisees
To participate in IAN, advisees must:



How to Participate
If you feel you meet the requirements to be an advisor and are willing to make yourself available, please proceed to the Advisor login page and enter the information requested. If you have questions about IAN, please submit them to

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