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Information for IAN Advisees

Qualifications of Advisees
To participate in IAN as an advisee, you must:



Selecting an Advisor
IAN advisors serve on a voluntary basis. Among other advisor qualifications, they are IMGs who are currently in or have completed ACGME-accredited training programs in the United States. As such, they have dealt recently with the issues involved in coming to the United States, adjusting to working and learning in the U.S. health care system, and getting settled into life in the United States.

Advisor profiles include information that will allow you to select advisors who are best matched to your own circumstances. This information includes the advisor’s medical school, current medical specialty, location of his/her program or practice, gender, family status (such as single, with spouse, with children), and a brief personal statement. Perhaps the ideal match would be with an advisor who attended the same medical school and has a similar family status. However, even less complete matches should allow advisors to provide useful information. Most advisors have volunteered to accept several advisees. Some advisors will be IMGs who were advisees themselves in prior years.

Since advisees may seek information and advice on a wide range of topics, and since some advisors may be comfortable advising in some areas but not others, the advisor’s IAN profile allows them to indicate their willingness to advise in the two broad areas of:

You should only request advisors who indicate they are willing to advise in the areas in which you intend to seek information.

Although individuals and situations differ, we believe there is substantial common experience in the journeys traveled by IMGs who have entered U.S. GME, and that this experience is invaluable to the IMGs that come after them. This is especially true when the advisor-advisee match is as specific as possible with respect to specialty, U.S. geographic area or program, country of origin, and other factors.

Since advisors serve on a voluntary basis and there is a limit to the number of advisors available, potential advisees are encouraged to seek advisors as soon as possible. It is possible that a point may be reached when no matching advisors will be available. If that occurs, you should recheck availability periodically since new advisors may be added or existing advisors may decide to accept more advisees.

How to Participate
When you register as an IAN advisee, you will be asked to submit information about yourself and will then have the opportunity to search the IAN advisor database for your best matches. The advisors you select will receive your profile information and e-mail address and will then be able to initiate communication with you. Once communication begins, correspondence between you and your advisor will not be visible to or monitored by ECFMG unless you or your advisor chooses to copy ECFMG on your e-mails.

J-1 Visa Sponsorship Applicants
If you are eligible to participate in IAN as an advisee based upon an application for J-1 visa sponsorship, you will receive an e-mail directly from the ECFMG Exchange Visitor Sponsorship Program directing you to this website for further information. If you have received your e-mail invitation and are interested in participating, please proceed to the Advisee login page.

ERAS and NRMP Participants
If you are eligible to participate in IAN as an advisee based upon your participation in ERAS and NRMP and you are interested in participating in IAN, please login to ECFMG’s OASIS, click on the ERAS Support Services link, and follow the instructions for the IMG Advisors Network.

Note: Individuals who are not eligible to participate will not be able to login to IAN, despite submission of a valid USMLE/ECFMG identification number and ECFMG on-line services password.

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