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New to ECFMG Certification?

Then you probably have a lot of questions. Here are a few answers to get you started.

What is the purpose of ECFMG Certification?

ECFMG Certification is the standard for evaluating the qualifications of IMGs entering the U.S. health care system. It is a requirement for IMGs to:

What is an IMG?

ECFMG defines an international medical graduate (IMG) as a physician who received his/her basic medical degree from a medical school located outside the United States and Canada. The location of your medical school, not your citizenship, is what determines whether you are an IMG. This means that U.S. citizens who graduated from medical schools outside the United States and Canada are considered IMGs. Non-U.S. citizens who graduated from medical schools in the United States and Canada are not considered IMGs.

What are the requirements for ECFMG Certification?

The requirements for ECFMG Certification include:

How do I begin the certification process?

An IMG should begin the ECFMG certification process by first confirming his/her medical school meets ECFMG requirements. View the quick guide that shows you how to use the World Directory to determine if a school meets requirements for Certification. Once you have determined that students/graduates of your medical school are eligible to apply to ECFMG for Certification, you should request a USMLE/ECFMG Identification Number, which you can do through ECFMG’s Interactive Web Applications (IWA) by clicking on the link to establish an account.

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