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ECFMG International Credentials Services (EICS)

Credentials Verification Reports

EICS Credentials Verification Reports provide detailed information on a physician’s medical credentials and the verification status of his/her credentials to the medical registration authority. EICS reports are printed on watermarked security paper and sent via courier service to the medical registration authority.

The EICS Credentials Verification Report includes information on all medical credentials and verifications received and processed by EICS as well as all outstanding verifications. Copies of the physician’s medical credentials and verifications are included with this report.

The Addendum EICS Credentials Verification Report provides the medical registration authority with information on a medical credential verification that has been received and processed by EICS after an EICS Credentials Verification Report was issued. Copies of the physician’s verified medical credentials are included with this report.

The Final EICS Credentials Verification Report is issued after the last outstanding verification is processed and found acceptable. This final report contains a copy of each verification, as well as the accompanying credentials.

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